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Investing in Property in the UK

Investing in the UK makes a lot of sense. It has a strong stable currency, powerful democratic government. The laws regulate and protect everyone, including the landlords! But how? It is far away. If you make a mistake, it will be in pounds and that’s going to hurt – a lot. Pick a suburb Based on what? Do your research How do I even begin? It is a daunting task, no doubt about it. I highly recommend getting formal training to skill yourself before you embark on this adventure. The more you learn, the more you earn! The good news is that the same rule applies no matter where in the world. Check the numbers! If the numbers make sense on a property, it is a good investment. But wait…let’s not g

Before you invest in property, ask yourself these 3 questions

Investing in the property market has and continues to be the preferred choice investment vehicle for most people in South Africa and around the world. People are constantly hearing about real estate success stories on either TV or at friend’s dinner parties. Property is a tangible product, it’s something we can touch and feel so it’s no surprise it appeals to so many people. But, does its popularity make it something everyone should get involved in? Let’s consider the top 3 questions you need to ask yourself before buying your first investment property: Are you mortgage (bond) ready? Unless you are one of the lucky few, in order to buy and own a property you will need to obtain a mortgage. T

Wherever you are, be ALL there

Stay close to those who are not afraid to be vulnerable, because they have confidence in themselves and know that we all stumble, including you. Paulo Coelho The universe was sending me smoke signals. My cell broke when I dropped it on the staircase. The following day...a broken laptop screen!! My laptop slipped out of my laptop bag onto a carpet. And broke. Seriously, what are the chances? A lost wedding ring. Visas for a long planned overseas trip left to the last minute that cost a small fortune. I felt scared to move, what was going to break next? I knew something was horribly wrong but how could I fix it? I can fix anything, right? On Tuesday morning, I stood gazing out of our shower wi

Staying the Course

How often have you committed to doing something and then failed to see it through? I committed to writing a weekly blog post with great enthusiasm. Full of bravado and absolutely dead certain that I would ace it. So how is it that a mere 10 weeks later I missed a deadline? 12 weeks to create a new habit and I was on the cusp of that beautiful new routine when BAM, I missed it. The true measure of a person is how they behave when things don’t go their way. I keep chanting this in my head every time I wake at 3am and berate myself for missing the deadline. BUT this cannot carry on. I am faced with two choices: Just get on with it and write the blog and submit it late Stop blogging altogether S

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