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The time is NOW!

People always ask me if now is the right time to invest in property and my reply is always the same. “It sure is. After all, they are not making any more land.” This little round planet we call home has a limited amount of land for us to live on. Regardless of whether it is a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market, people need a place to live. In other words, the time is ALWAYS right to invest in property. “The best investment on earth is earth” Louis Glickman Sure, you might need to change strategy to suit the market conditions. At times it makes sense to focus on flipping properties. At times it makes sense to buy to let. If you keep in mind the golden rules of property investing, you will ma

Distressed Properties: Nightmare or Goldmine?

It's no secret how some of the richest property investors make their money. They have a keen eye. They have a strategy. They know what they are looking for and finally, they know where to look. One of my favorite strategies is distressed properties. Whether the property needs some gentle TLC or needs major updating, it always catches my eye. As professional property investors, we are looking for properties that we can pick up below market value. We know how to spot the opportunity! Most first-time home owners dream of moving into a picture-perfect home that morning and having their friends over for a braai that afternoon. With distressed properties, there is zero chance of that happening. Wh

Are you wired for SUCCESS...or failure?

I travel around South Africa training large groups of people how to invest in South Africa. They are all there to learn, all there with the intent to change their lives. Some of the students choose to join the Legacy family and continue their education with us. Our goal is to make sure everyone leaves the weekend inspired and determined to change their lives. So why is it that some students soar while others crawl? Some students who struggle say it is because the hype is over. The energy just dissipated as time wore on. Look it was fun, but it was not for real. Be Bold. Do What The Ordinary Fear. While motivation is an important factor to keep you going, I believe it is based on basic person

Johannesburg, South Africa

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