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How To Be An Expert Juggler!

Do you often find yourself scrambling to stay on top of your life? Does Monday feel like you are perched at the top of a steep ski slope? All you can do is take a deep breath, shuffle to the edge, close your eyes and SWOOSH! The week blurs by at break neck speed then dumps you unceremoniously in an exhausted heap on Friday afternoon. How do we conserve our cognitive energy for dealing with the information laden decision overloaded environment we find ourselves immersed in? These little hacks help me stay on top of (most!) things! Have a different bag for each occasion When I travel, I need my identity documents, vitamins, rescue tablets (because nervous flyer!) notepad and pen (because who k

Financial Literacy

Congratulations! You FINALLY made it! You are finally financially free! All your hard work has paid off and suddenly you find yourself with excess income. Here's where it gets tricky. Knee jerk reaction is to celebrate, spoil yourself - go out and splash some of that hard earned money around. So you rush out and buy that fast, flashy car you have been promising yourself. You finance half of it but wow, it's sooo niiice! Looking good! Time to upgrade your lifestyle! Move to that designer home in the affluent suburb you have been in love with for years. Sure you need to take a mortgage to be able to afford it but so worth it, right? That will show the nay-sayers that you were on the right trac

Face Your Fears!

Fear automatically creates a fight or flight response in our brain. Now this is very useful when we were being chased by lions or facing real mortal danger. But these days, the choking fear we feel is often not life threatening yet it holds us back and restricts our lives just as surely as if a lion were hot on our heels. One of my goals is to become an international trainer. One tiny flaw with that grand plan. I am a nervous flyer. Recently, I was given the opportunity to fly to Bloemfontein to train a group of 100+ people. When I walked out onto the tarmac, there was a tiny little propeller plane waiting for me. I swallowed hard. Time to consider my options. I figured if I took a few slow

Johannesburg, South Africa

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